We Are Morroni

Our work is about trust

We bring to that enthusiasm, because we like to find new and better ways of doing things. We bring a discerning eye, because we’re proud of our success in this business.

Nothing Boxed

Each of our solutions begins with a unique plan sketched out by hand. We’re developers. We’re not vendors. Our method of project design is a creative one, it draws on a seen-it-all depth of skill, and it keeps the client front and center.

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Solid Service

Beneath the hip veneer of seasoned tech wizardry you’ll find a talented team of down-to-earth people who care deeply about what they do. We’re approachable, ready to give you the straight stuff, keen listeners. If we’re aggressive about anything, it’s matching quality with certainty.


In this business ten years is an eternity. We’ve been in it for fifteen. And we’ll be here in another fifteen, a lot of the same people. We value that continuity and commitment, we expect it from one another, and we show it to our clients.

Web Development

Distinctive Edge

We like to use the right tool for every job. Only, maybe, it doesn’t exist yet. We specialize in custom integration, the combination of high-end products that answer perfectly only when used together. We do this with unmatched eloquence.


Larry Morroni

Founder and principal bringing years of web industry experience to client projects.


Jennifer LaViola

Wearer of multiple hats, Jennifer is the resident search engine optimization guru. On top of that, she handles all of Morroni’s accounting and HR needs.

Marc Oldham

Marc Oldham

With over 20 years in the design and visual communications industry, Marc directs the creative approach with a focus on developing intuitive user-experiences while maintaining brand consistency throughout all marketing channels.

Brigid Schramm

Brigid Schramm

User-centered design specialist. Adept at crafting beautiful and effective website designs and turning them into WordPress themes. Has been known to roll up her sleeves and hammer out some decent code when the need arises.

Kathleen Glackin

Kathleen Glackin

Recently graduated from Pittsburgh Technical College with a degree in Multimedia Technologies, Kathleen started learning how to code in high school. Codes WordPress themes and user experience, and occasionally dives deeper into programming.

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