Magento Migration & Development

Strategy & Design

The Challenge

MicroGroup came to us looking for an integrated online space that expressed the same fluidity and eloquence that distinguishes them as a premium supplier of stainless steel components to the medical and aerospace industries.

Our Approach

The cornerstones of MicroGroup’s brand are precision and efficiency. They pride themselves on delivering a flawless, sophisticated turnaround to customers in the U.S. and Europe. Their catalog had grown too large and too complicated for the Yahoo ecommerce software they were using, which required a separate domain. We would need to move both website and webstore to new, more powerful platforms and onto one single domain.

We started by migrating the entire website onto WordPress, so that MicroGroup would have the ability to easily update their pages with fresh material.

Magento & WordPress Integrations

Yahoo to Magento Migration

Next we tackled their webstore. MicroGroup had been using Yahoo’s commerce engine to host their entire catalog of products, which contained some 1,215 items. More important, however, was their customer database and sales history. We hit on a way to automate the migration to Magento, which not only preserved their full database of records but also allowed us to launch their new store in weeks instead of months.

Yahoo Store to Magento Migration

Integration, or lack thereof, had been a sore point on their former site. MicroGroup was managing a secondary domain for its webstore (which knocked them right down the search engine rankings) and was juggling separate and incompatible platforms. Not anymore. We wrote a bunch of custom code to integrate WordPress and Magento — arguably the most popular open-source products in their respective categories — seamlessly. At multiple levels. And intuitively. We’re pretty proud of that.

WordPress and Magento Integrations
Magento Experts Philadelphia

Finally, we designed an easy way for MicroGroup to add and modify products in their new catalog, using only an Excel spreadsheet. They loved this. It meant their team could hit the ground running, minimal training required, wielding tools with which they were already proficient.

Magento Spreadsheet Catalog Management