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eCommerce Design

Piano Pronto® knew their web store was struggling to compete with their larger competitors. Their website was too basic to showcase their full range of lesson materials, and was cumbersome to maintain. They needed an entirely new experience for their users, and for themselves, so they could focus all their creative energy on developing their core product: fun and effective teaching books for budding pianists.

Sharp Design

Part of the Piano Pronto® brand is the ability for students and teachers to actively discover new material. Previews for each product including, audio and video content, were a must. We chose smooth, bright elements that would neatly accommodate the color-coded difficulty levels of the Piano Pronto® method books, and a bold uncomplicated typeface that could be read easily by all ages on all devices.

Responsive Website Design

Scaling Up the Shop

Piano Pronto® publishes its own instructional material as hardcopy lesson books, eBooks, digitally delivered sheet music, audio recordings, and play-along tracks. That meant their shopping cart had to be both sophisticated enough to handle distinct but related products, and painless enough to close with their target audiences: kids, as well as teachers and parents. It also needed an integrated system for digital rights management with the flexibility to sell single or group licenses.

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“For our customers everything is much clearer, more organized.”

One Harmonic Sequence

After migrating the Piano Pronto® web store to a new CMS we jazzed it up with full-scale DRM capabilities and helped streamline their fulfillment sequence. They were already shipping with USPS and taking payments with Braintree and Paypal.

Custom CMS Integration
Mobile Website Developers

Fine-Tuning the Repertoire

Piano Pronto® has one of the most complex product catalogs we’ve seen. To minimize the trouble of keeping it all up-to-date, we designed a smart spreadsheet to work in concert with ordinary files and folders on their hard drive. With their intuitive inventory management system, elaborate changes can be applied securely at the touch of a button.

Custom Spreadsheet Catalog Import

Comparing Notes

The sheet music business is a notoriously difficult one, dominated by a few major players. To continue to break in, Piano Pronto® needed both room to grow and a seamless, gorgeous site experience that also offered something new. As a self-styled boutique outfit, Piano Pronto® believed it had an edge in harnessing social media to its advantage. We threw an Instagram feed onto their front page so students, teachers, and composers could stage mini-concerts for one another, exchange feedback, or just feel the sense of community with the product line.

“Students are excited about playing music by someone who is alive and breathing, to whom they have direct access through social media. They can share their playing with the composer and receive feedback right on the website. They feel like they’re part of a growing community.”

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Measure of Success

Just weeks after the launch, Piano Pronto® reported rave reviews. Their students love how the built-in Instagram feed connects them with the author, and builds a sense of belonging within a community of music-lovers. With the redesigned site, teachers can quickly find books they already know and easily hit onto new materials suited to individual levels. Piano Pronto® has hit it pitch-perfect.

“The whole site is vastly improved.”

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